Gear Up
Minnesota 2015

Grant applications are now being accepted for the 2014-2015 season. Since 2010, equipment grants from Gear Up Minnesota! have been used by associations across the state to attract new players and to make hockey more accessible.

Lane and Abby are perfect examples of the impact the equipment can have on introducing new families to hockey. Neither of their parents had played hockey before and they were nervous about getting involved. When the Inver Grove Heights Hockey Association surprised them with the use of new equipment through Gear Up Minnesota!, they were thrilled about the opportunity.

To top it off, Pure Hockey / Total Hockey alleviated their safety concerns by providing them with a thorough education on the purpose and importance of each piece of equipment.

Over the last three seasons, Inver Grove Heights Hockey Association has used the 60 sets of Learn to Play equipment from Gear Up Minnesota! to grow their youth hockey program successfully.
The Gear Up Minnesota! program continues its efforts to attract new players and make hockey accessible this season by again offering sets of starter skater and goalie equipment. Each set of starter equipment provides youth skaters with a hockey bag, helmet, breezers, shoulder pads, gloves, elbow and shin pads. Starter goalie sets include a goalie glove, blocker and leg pads.

Help grow the youth hockey program in your community. Apply for a Gear Up Minnesota! equipment grant today!
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