Goalie Blocker and Catcher Sizing Guide

Blockers and catchers are subject to personal preference but should fit relatively loosely. Arm pads should be able to move freely and fit comfortably in the cuff of the glove. The ideal fit for a glove should be something comfortable yet protective.

Measurement for Goalie Catchers and Blockers – To determine appropriate sizing for blocker and catcher protection, find your age in the ranges listed on the chart below.

Please note that the size recommendations are based on the average size of a person at a given age. For example, if a child is 11 but is the size of an average 15 year old, then that individual should choose a Senior size catcher and blocker.

Goalie Hockey Blockers Catchers Sizing

Goalie Blocker and Catcher Sizing Chart
Size Age Range
Youth 3 - 6
Junior 7 - 12
Intermediate 12 - 14
Senior 13+