Grow the Game

Youth Development

American Development Model:

The American Development Model (ADM) developed by USA Hockey and supported by Total Hockey is a set of guidelines for helping youth hockey organizations attract and retain new players nation-wide. USA Hockey seeks to use this curriculum to help as many kids as possible learn to play, love and excel at hockey. This Long-Term Athlete Development model incorporates new tactics and introduces other sports in order to help ensure athletic success for every kid.

Sled Hockey:

Pure Hockey / Total Hockey is always looking for ways to expand interest in hockey, including making the game more accessible to more players. In 2009, Pure Hockey / Total Hockey started providing sled hockey players nationwide with sled hockey sticks via This outlet provides sled hockey players with not only an easy outlet to purchase equipment, but also provides them with options in sled hockey equipment. Currently, Pure Hockey / Total Hockey carries Warrior two-piece composite hockey sticks, shafts and replacement blades as well as Easton one-piece composite sticks and replacement blades. Both are available in left and right hand.

Sled hockey is a form of hockey that enables the physically disabled to play the sport. The rules are typically the same as ice hockey, with the exception of some equipment. Players sit in specially designed sleds that rest on top of two hockey skate blades. Each player uses two shortened hockey sticks, which feature a blade on one end and a metal pick on the other, allowing players to propel the sleds on the ice. Goalies wear basically the same equipment, but modify the glove by sewing metal picks on the backside, which provides increased maneuverability.