We love hockey!

We believe investing at the grassroots ensures opportunity for those learning, developing, and playing hockey as well as instilling the same love of the game. That is why we are so passionate about growing hockey. Our nationwide efforts include quality partnerships, strategic growth initiatives, and thoughtful support of this great game.

USA Hockey

As the Exclusive Hockey Equipment Retailer for USA Hockey, Pure Hockey / Total Hockey is proud to continue in our sixth year of partnership. Our guiding principles are in step with those of USA Hockey and include: Growing the game, player safety, and player development. That’s why our initiatives include the Grow the Game Award, Try Hockey for Free Day, Proud Supporter of ADM, Sponsor of the Youth National Championships, providing resources for the Adult First Goal program, supplementing Disabled Hockey grants, supporting the Level 5 Coaches Symposium, and being a Circle of Champion member of the USA Hockey Foundation, and more.

Minnesota Hockey

As a Proud Partner of Minnesota Hockey, Pure Hockey / Total Hockey is a significant contributor and supporter of Gear Up Minnesota!, an equipment grant program administered by Minnesota Hockey. Alongside other tremendous corporate donors, including the Minnesota Wild, we are investing in the future of Minnesota hockey and breaking the barriers to entry across the state.

The goal is to provide associations with new sets of quality starter gear to use as a recruiting tool for kids ages 4-8 and to make hockey more accessible for prospective families. Associations, who successfully win equipment through Minnesota Hockey’s annual grant submission process, receive sets of needed equipment donated in partnership with Minnesota Hockey, and fulfilled by Pure Hockey / Total Hockey. We help offset the costs of youth hockey so associations can eliminate the hurdle of getting kids on the ice and allocate assets to cover other needed aspects of their hockey programs.

Simply put, our donations add more players to associations’ rosters, giving access and opportunity for skill development and joy. It also gives new families the ability to budget minimal entry level costs as well as provides a new bonding experience through recreation and love of hockey. In the last three years, over half of all Minnesota Hockey associations and thousands of children have benefited from our equipment program. Ultimately, Gear Up Minnesota! helps sustain association-based programs assuring vibrant hockey communities throughout the State of Hockey.

We also established the Pure Hockey / Total Hockey Volunteer of the Month, awarding gift certificates and sets of gear to those who give the greatest gift of time and dedication helping with growth, safety, and development.

Pure Hockey / Total Hockey also participates with the annual Minnesota Hockey Golf Outing, Spring Goalie Demo’s held at area rinks, Let’s Play Hockey Expo and raffles, the Let’s Play Hockey Equipment Drive, the High School, State and Regional tournaments, and many other contests and tournaments where Minnesota Hockey has representation in an effort to give back to the community.


In 2007, Pure Hockey / Total Hockey became the Founding Sponsor of GrowtheGame.com, a national program launched by the Youth Sports Coalition. This continuing effort helps increase player participation and player recruitment alongside several National Hockey League organizations who share the goal of growing the greatest game on earth. These programs provide hockey families, players, coaches, recruiters, fans and those new to the game with vital information about all aspects of the game, including proper equipment fitting, tips on helping your child with teamwork and sportsmanship, player development, and much more. Pure Hockey / Total Hockey is partnered with the Dallas Stars Care, Phoenix Coyotes Care, Colorado Avalanche Cares, Columbus Blue Jackets Care, Tampa Bay Lightning Care, Florida Panthers Care, and the St. Louis Blues Youth Sports Scene.

Maksymum Hockey Radio

The Maksymum Hockey Radio Show is a youth hockey specific radio show that began in 2003. "The Voice of Youth Hockey" is based in Rochester, NY, and is partnered with USA Hockey. Pure Hockey / Total Hockey is the Title Sponsor and The Exclusive Hockey Equipment Retailer of the Maksymum Hockey Radio Show. Shows air from October through March each hockey season on WHTK-AM in Rochester and all shows are streamed live on www.maksymumhockeyradio.com and www.usahockey.com.

To listen to archived shows, click here.

Learn to Play

To get needed hockey equipment into the hands of families who are yearning for a dynamic, rewarding and community-based sport for their children. To collaborate with dedicated volunteers of sustainable local hockey associations and help offset the clubs cost of necessary resources, allowing them to focus on what they do best – coaching and teaching kids how to play hockey while building character and having fun. To assure a superior experience for the new players by providing access and personalized fitting of quality starter gear for maximum performance and safety on the ice. We believe these combined efforts will contribute to organic hockey membership growth and retention, create more vibrant hockey communities through family recreation, and elevate a quality hockey experience for life-long joy of the game.

We are in our fifth year of giving hockey equipment to deserving associations through partnership programs, grants, and awards. In our service areas, we provide vouchers that are redeemed in our stores for new quality starter gear including helmet with cage, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, shin guards and bag. By assuring new players and families receive superior customer service through personalized gear fittings, Pure Hockey / Total Hockey’s experienced staff covers the spectrum from the emotional to the practical considerations of hockey– confidence, peace of mind, and knowledge. Discussions focus on understanding the process of well-fitting gear, safety needs, performance and comfort, assuring the best on ice experience for the beginning player. It also sets the foundation for families to have a dedicated resource for equipment and advice as they progress in hockey.

For associations who have the sincere desire to maintain growth and sustain for the long-term, Pure Hockey / Total Hockey can assist by providing equipment donations in partnership, or introduce specially-priced equipment programs, share recruitment and retention ideas to implement and administer in their home community, give families an opportunity to offset club fees through our Breakaway Rewards while also earning discounts on equipment, and deliver ongoing positive customer experiences in store and through our ecommerce site so families are knowledgeable and confident as they continue in hockey.

The Pure Hockey / Total Hockey Learn To Play program has removed the barrier for thousands of kids to begin playing and to continue in hockey, while shoring up vital resources for community-based hockey organizations to thrive.

Hockey Ed

In our service areas, we have introduced hockey within local schools physical education programs, providing guidance and loaned equipment on a multi-week basis to establish hockey as part of their regular curriculum.

Try Hockey Events

To aid in the awareness of the game, we provide resources from staff to assist in equipment fittings and guidance plus materials and incentives to maximize the promotion and success of the event. In collaborated partnerships, we will also provide additional resources to make the most of the opportunities in an effort to gain and convert qualified hockey membership.

Other Hockey Initiatives:

Pure Hockey / Total Hockey partners with a myriad of key manufacturers, tournaments, exhibitions, and hockey organizations to help promote hockey worldwide. Everyone involved shares the same goal – to increase youth and adult interest, resulting in higher participation in learn to play and developmental programs nationwide. To learn how you can get involved, email gtg@purehockey.com.

USA Hockey $1 Donation

Did you know every time you contribute a dollar or more at check out for the USA Hockey Foundation, Pure Hockey / Total Hockey will provide a dollar match? Your donation will help grow programs that encourage American’s life-long development, passion and love of the greatest game on earth. Endeavors include grassroots youth and adult hockey development, support for disabled and disadvantaged players, elite player development for national and international competition, the latest in player safety and equipment research, officiating resources, and ongoing coaching education.

Minnesota Hockey Donation

Pure Hockey / Total Hockey works with Minnesota Hockey to raise money in support of youth hockey. As part of the in-store dollar match collected in our Minnesota Pure Hockey / Total Hockey stores, we introduce the Gear Up Minnesota! concept to the grassroots customer creating awareness of the program and instilling an opportunity for them to make a contribution to the growth of hockey that will directly serve other Minnesotans wanting to play.