Hockey Performance Apparel Sizing Guide

The hockey jock should fit comfortably with the cup correctly positioned. Jocks can come in two types: loose or compression fit. Compression jocks are said to help decrease muscle fatigue, but some players find that loose jocks fit more comfortably. Compression items are meant to fit very snugly, so keep this in mind. Loose jocks are meant to provide a more relaxed fit, but should still fit properly in order to maximize protection. *Jocks and supporters are not returnable.

Measurement for Jocks and Shirts – For the measurement of the jock, take your waist size and find the closest fit in the charts below. For shirts, obtain your chest measurement by measuring from under one armpit across the chest to the other. Sizing often varies from one manufacturer to the next, so make sure to look at the corresponding chart for the product you are ordering. The charts provided below are to be used as a general guide (provided by Bauer).