Expected Delivery August 30th, 2018
One Goal Kids
How do you get more kids playing at your association?
Offer them equipment!
For more info, call/email Stuart Bernstein.

Small Bundle
(4-pack Red)
(Designed for most
4 to 6-year-olds)
$516 (or $129 per set)
One Goal Equipment Set Small
  • Youth Small Shoulder Pads
  • Youth Small Pants
  • Youth Small Elbow Pads
  • Youth 8" Shin Guards
  • Youth 8" Gloves
  • X-Small Adjustable Helmet w/ Cage
  • Red Player Bag
  • Minimum order: 1 bundle (equals 4 sets)
Large Bundle
(4-pack Black)
(Designed for most
6 to 8-year-olds)
$516 (or $129 per set)
One Goal Equipment Set Large
  • Youth Large Shoulder Pads
  • Youth Large Pants
  • Youth Large Elbow Pads
  • Youth 10" Shin Guards
  • Youth 10" Gloves
  • Small Adjustable Helmet w/ Cage
  • Black Player Bag
  • Minimum order: 1 bundle (equals 4 sets)
(Designed for most
4 to 8-year-olds)
$180.00 (or $15 per stick)
One Goal Sticks Set
  • Youth straight blade stick
  • The length is usually 44" (measured from the top of the shaft to the heel of the blade)
  • Each bundle contains 12 sticks
  • Minimum order is 1 bundle


OneGoal was created over a decade ago, giving kids an opportunity to try hockey with little to no cost and helping associations grow the great game. The program’s signature initiative has been its starter equipment which has reduced entry level costs and removed barriers to participation. USA Hockey is committed to ensuring the OneGoal mission moves forward, and remains focused on its positive values. By covering a portion of the OneGoal manufacturing, marketing, and fulfillment expenses, both partners are helping give more kids a chance to play. This helps hockey associations and rinks grow their programs, creating more vibrant hockey communities.


OneGoal sets and sticks are NOT FOR RESALE. OneGoal was established with the intent of equipment being offered for free use allowing kids a chance to play, and giving thousands of families one more reason to try hockey. Our vision is the program will help create a life-long love of the greatest game on earth, and assure ongoing growth and stability in the sport.

Equipment Program

This generation of OneGoal gear is designed to be even more durable and better fitting at a great price. For youth associations and rinks offering Learn To Play hockey programs, the OneGoal sets contain the necessary protective gear to get kids ages 4-8 on the ice. Offered in two sizes to meet more of your beginning players needs, these kits include most everything except skates. With comfort, safety, and performance in mind, better fitting gear helps boost confidence and fun. Sticks are also available to round out your gear needs.

Your Role

When you offer OneGoal equipment and sticks, you make it easier for families to enroll in your hockey programs while also becoming a recognized hockey leader. Your volunteers work hard to make the most of their efforts to recruit and retain players. By making OneGoal gear available, you improve the player and family experience so your membership can grow and benefit the vitality of your hockey community for years to come.


Your ability to place orders has been greatly simplified through the development of a secure online process. There are no order limits; however, supplies may be limited. Delivery of equipment will take place August of 2018.

1. May I pay with a check?

Yes. Please send your check to the following address along with your name, association, phone number, email and mailing address:

Pure Hockey
89 Cross Street
Holliston, MA 01746

You will receive a confirmation email once we receive all of the applicable information. Please allow up to 72 hours for processing. Payment MUST be received before the pre-order offer expires.

2. Will my credit card be charged at the time of order?

Yes. The OneGoal program is a pre-order fulfillment process. Your credit card will be charged within 48 hours of placing your order for delivery in August of 2018.

3. May I earn Pure Rewards Points with OneGoal Equipment purchases?

Yes. OneGoal equipment will earn one point for each dollar spent.

4. May I apply Pure Rewards, coupon codes, discount offers or any other reduction in price?

No. The OneGoal program pricing is set at the lowest possible competitive price to encourage maximum participation in the sport.

5. Why are orders in blocks of four (4) equipment sets or twelve (12) sticks?

With association orders in mind, the incremental ordering blocks are to reduce the product cost as well as shipping and handling to allow for the lowest possible overall cost to expand our great game.

6. Why do you charge a flat rate shipping fee?

This fee is based per order rather than per item and helps offset the cost of packaging, handling, and delivery.

7. Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes. However, different shipping rates will apply and we will need to arrange for transportation through USPS. Please call 866.787.3462 to speak with a friendly customer service specialist.

8. What if the size I ordered does not fit a player? Can I exchange the set for a different size?

No. The OneGoal equipment sets are designed to fit many children of different sizes. Please use the equipment on the next eligible learn-to-play child.

9. If my organization is tax-exempt may I avoid paying tax on the purchase?

Yes. We must have a copy of a current standing tax exempt certificate. Please call 866.787.3462 to speak with a friendly customer service specialist to learn more details.

SHIPPING DETAILS: Flat-rate shipping applies to qualifying shipments to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. Alaska, Hawaii and the U.S. Territories are not eligible for flat-rate shipping and regular shipping rates to these areas will apply.

OneGoal equipment is a pre-order program and may not be adjusted, canceled or returned once the order is placed. OneGoal equipment is not eligible to be combined with other offers, discounts or coupons. OneGoal equipment has minimum order requirements and any orders less than the minimums will not be honored.