The Mako Collection By Easton Hockey

Mako Ice Hockey Skates
Mako Composite Hockey Stick
Mako Hockey Shoulder Pads
Mako Hockey Gloves

Mako Skates

Natural Movement
Equals Speed
Mako Ice Hockey Skates Natural Movement Equals Speed
1 Tempo:
The Extendon Guard is designed to flex backwards with each stride and push back into its original position upon full extension - leading to a fuller stroke and faster stride frequency.
Easton Mako Skates push direction
Each boot is cut 5mm shorter on the out step. This allows the skate to fall in line with the direction of travel to generate speed and power through cornering.
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Easton Mako Skates downforce
All new CXN Holder with aggressive blade pitch forces you to stand over the front of the skate. Allowing for more force and explosiveness when skating.
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Mako Sticks

Easton Mako Hockey Sticks
Quick Hands
Equals Speed
The Mako line of composite sticks from Easton are designed and engineered for quickness. From the hi-tech shaft which is stronger yet lighter, to the All New E28 Blade with Dual Lies that is taking the industry by storm, Mako sticks exist to make your hands and your game quicker.
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Mako Protective

Natural Movement
A half second. That’s the difference natural movement makes. From segmented flex points, to Revolutionary new design, Mako Protective is built to increase your mobility.
Easton Hockey Mako Shin Guards
Easton Hockey Mako Shoulder Pads
Easton Hockey Mako Elbow Pads
3-Piece compression molded shin cap protects more while allowing a more natural movement of the leg.
Conic Body Fit System all new design fits around your shoulders vs on top of. Freeing you from restrictive designs of the past.
2-Piece design with floating bicep protection allow the pad to extend and flex naturally.

Mako Gloves

Natural Movement
Fast Fingers = Fast Hands. The Mako Gloves feature a revolutionary design in the fingers with reversed flex points, making your movements that much quicker, and that much more natural.
Mako Gloves
Mako Hockey gloves with flexible fingers
Mako Gloves offer fast fingers