total summit
— a 2020 vision —
You’ve reached the Summit.

All of the waiting and speculating has come to an end–the Total Summit has arrived. The inaugural event will provide you with a glimpse into the worlds of Bauer, CCM, Easton and Warrior, while preparing you for the thrilling future of Pure Hockey / Total Hockey, Total Goalie and Total Lacrosse. Don’t put on that tie just yet; there will be tasty lunches, lively events and a group of people that know how to have a good time.

Don’t miss out.
Venue and accommodations

You want to be here. The glitz and glamour of Hollywood Casino, (near Pure Hockey / Total Hockey HQ) surrounds you as we discover the future of Pure Hockey / Total Hockey and the powers of the hockey retail community. Appetizing meals are provided, as well as not-so-typical conference rooms for the action-packed presentations you'll enjoy over the next couple of days.

the schedule
Monday, April 6th



Lunch – Hops House 99

Meet us in Hops House 99 at noon for a welcoming meal. You will be provided with a rundown of the next three days’ events.


Bauer – Conference Center

The three families of Bauer equipment have created a hockey powerhouse. Find out how Bauer truly Owns The Moment.


Warrior – Conference Center

Warrior began building a hockey dynasty in 2005 that grows to this day. Learn the secrets of the cutting-edge hockey giant’s product.

6:45pm (Shuttle)

Re-LAX – Lobby of Hotel

Trade in your pants for shorts and prepare yourself for an evening with pro lacrosse players. Dinner. Drinks. Fun. We’ll take the field and challenge your skill set—all made possible by Warrior.

Tuesday, April 7th



A Look Forward – Conference Center

The past. The present. Mostly the future. A look at where we are headed and what will get us there.


Lunch – Hops House 99

You don’t need to be on the guest list to get into this MVP lunch. Head down to Hops House 99 to learn why you are one of our Most Valuable People.


Easton – Conference Center

Equipment engineered to light the lamp and designed to create distance between you and the competition. Although ambition is only controlled by the player, Easton puts you in a position to succeed.


CCM – Conference Center

Hockey is not just a time-honored tradition; it’s an obsession. CCM is a company that is completely dedicated to hockey. CCM’s focus is to make the game even greater than it already is.

5:45pm (Shuttle)

Game-On – Lobby of Hotel

You have listened. You have learned. Now it’s time to enjoy a night that shows you what St. Louis has to offer. Dress as you would for a night with friends and get ready for an entertaining evening.

Wednesday, April 8th

(store staff only)

7am (Shuttle)

Easton – Lobby of Hotel

You’ve heard the pitches and you know what the future holds. Now, it’s time to put that knowledge to the test. Grab your warm-up suit and head to the ice to check out all of the latest from Easton.


We're Talking Goals – Pure Hockey / Total Hockey HQ

Throughout the week’s events, you may find that you have questions. We encourage you to seek answers by submitting questions to [email protected] All questions will be addressed on Wednesday.