True A4.5 Grip Sr. Hockey Stick

True A4.5 Grip Sr. Hockey Stick

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Review by Andrew posted on 11/1/2016
Bought this stick in the 75 flex. I'm a 6'3"/190 lbs defenseman and I play both roller and ice. I used the MC and HCR curves and I have to say that this is my favorite stick, by far. I've used pro stock sticks such as Bauer TotalOne, APX; CCM RBZ, RBZ2, SpeedBurner; Sher-Wood T100 and Easton HTX. I prefer this stick to all of these. The shot rips off the stick at an alarming pace. I've never had a better puck feel and flex. Not to mention the weight of the stick.


Review by Andrewm posted on 6/7/2016
This stick is AMAZING. I have used Bauer, Easton, CCM and Reebok. All pro stock models. My favorite sticks are the Easton Synergy ST, the CCM RBZ Stage 1 and the CCM RBZ Superfast. I decided to buy this stick after I read great reviews and they were all correct. The puck feel on this stick is unlike any other. I switched from a 90 flex to a 75 and the puck FLIES now. I play defense so I take a lot of beating and this stick holds up. If they continue to make these sticks this way, I will only be buying True.

Great quality

Review by DAN posted on 4/14/2016
It is a light stick, with a great feel and an amazing pop. Overall I like the feel of the stick you get the consistency you want in every shot. The blade stays toward the target and it doesn't bend. I would recommend this stick to any body for the price even though it is a step down it is just as good as any stick that I have used.

Best stick around

Review by John posted on 6/1/2015
Have used Ccm bauer and Easton before and would never go back after using this stick for a couple months great product would recommend to everyone and anyone

Great Stick

Review by Everett posted on 6/1/2015
Its amazing how far sticks have come over the years This would have been a top of the line stick a few years ago Great pop light weight good feel Worth it

Review by Dominic posted on 6/1/2015
This stick is the lightest and most durable stick I have ever used To anyone who is looking for a stick that is light durable and reliable this is the right way to go I highly recommend this stick to anyone who is looking at True products

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