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Warrior Alpha LX 30 Hockey Elbow Pads - Junior


Warrior Alpha LX 30 Hockey Elbow Pads - Junior

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2021 | 44811-21
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New for the 2021 season are the Warrior Alpha LX 30 Elbow Pads. These pads are completely redesigned to give players superior mobility, fit, and protection. This model is an excellent option for players who are looking for some top-of-the-line technologies but at a lower price point.

  • Three-piece design allowing for natural movement and maximum dexterity of the elbow.
  • Dual-Density foams built into slash and bicep guards for protection.
  • STRIKE yellow liner that keeps you dry and clean.

The Warrior LX 30 uses a Three-piece design, which is also found in the LX Pro, allowing for natural movement and maximum dexterity of the elbow. The three-piece construction gives you maximum mobility to help with handling the puck and overall movement on the ice.

Warrior uses Premium Protection in the shell which is a dual density foam that is added in key impact zones. These foams are built into slash and bicep guards to provide an additional level of protection where it’s needed most.

For added comfort, this model includes lay flat straps that are easy to use and don’t get caught on your jersey. Inside the elbow pad Warrior uses a Strike Yellow liner that will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

Warrior implements their most up-to-date technologies in the Alpha LX 30, providing players with the comfort, mobility, and protection. If you hit the ice 2-3 times a week and are looking for great protection and optimal movement in an elbow pad but don’t want to spend at the top price point, the LX 30 is for you!

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Warrior Hockey Elbow Pad Sizing Chart

Generic Elbow Pad Measurement Chart
Measure from the base of your wrist to the crease of your elbow. This measurement in inches should serve as a good reference point for your hockey elbow pad size. Keep in mind that this measurement does not account for personal preference.
Size Age Height  
X-Small 13+ 5'0" - 5'6"  
Small 14+ 5'3" - 5'9"  
Medium 15+ 5'6" - 6'0"  
Large 15+ 5'9" - 6'2"  
Size Age Height  
Small 9 - 10 4'3" - 4'9"  
Medium 10 - 11 4'6" - 5'0"  
Large 11 - 12 4'9" - 5'3"  
Size Age Height  
Small 3-5 3'3" - 4'1"  
Large 7-9 3'8" - 4'5"