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Bauer Re-Akt 155 Combo Hockey Helmet


Bauer Re-Akt 155 Combo Hockey Helmet

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The Bauer Re-Akt 155 hockey helmet includes top-end technologies to offer an enhanced fit, excellent protection, and high-quality comfort.

New Upgrades: AV Form Pods

Padding: AV Form Pod

Liner: Defense Cloud Technology Liner

Adjustability: FreeForm Adjustment system with spring loaded Occipital Lock

Cage: Bauer ll 

When purchasing new protective equipment, especially a hockey helmet, it is vital to find the right fit. Without the proper fit, even the most technologically advanced helmet will not be effective. But finding the model and size that fits your head correctly will ensure the protective features will be able to do their job. If you’re unsure which helmet fits you best, or you’re looking for an accurate measurement and assessment, visit your local Pure Hockey store. 

To enhance the fit of the Re-Akt 155, Bauer includes their Freeform Adjustment System. This technology provides three tool-free adjustments to independently alter the length and width of the helmet for a personalized fit. With over 18 millimeters of available width adjustment, this model provides an excellent range of size dimensions to ensure you always have the proper fit and level of comfort.

Inside the helmet, Bauer includes many features to enhance comfort and protection. The first is the AV Form Pods. These rotating pods are designed to move and pivot to adapt to every head shape. This pod design also includes Defense Cloud Tech for added comfort and increased protection. DCT technology is an energy mitigating foam that promotes superior comfort. 

Bauer also includes a multi-density foam liner. This proprietary foam liner system is used in the front, top, and rear of the helmet to increase protection and comfort in these key impact areas. This is a lightweight foam liner for all-around impact resistance, providing protection against a variety of impact energy levels. 

The hockey helmet is arguably the most important piece of equipment in terms of safety. Experts state that concussions are mainly due to acceleration or deceleration of the brain. While helmets may not prevent concussions caused by these forces, they are crucial to limiting injuries of all kinds on the ice. Because of this, Bauer includes their high-end protective features in the Re-Akt 155 to help keep you comfortable and protected while you play. This combo helmet comes with the Bauer ll facemask. This cage has a stainless steel construction with TRU-Vision for enhanced sight lines.

With a sleek design and lightweight construction, the Re-Akt 155 offers you the look and feel you want. And with Bauer’s focus on creating an optimal fit, high-level comfort, and excellent protection, this helmet provides you with the technologies you need. While this model is designed for the elite player who skates 4-5+ times per week, any player can benefit from all the top-level features the Re-Akt 155 has to offer.

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Weight:545gWeight of the product measured in grams (Medium).
Padding:AV Form Pod, DCTType of internal padding.
Liner:Multi-DensityType of inner liner material.
Adjustable Length:YesAbility for length-wise size adjustments.
Tool Free Adjustability:YesAbility for tool-free size adjustments.
Helmet Certifications:CSA, HECC, CE, UCKACertifications held by the product.
Warranty:1 YearPeriod of time the product is covered under manufacturer's warranty.

Bauer RE-AKT 155 Hockey Helmet Sizing Chart

Generic Hockey Helmet Measurement Guide
Place the tape measure in the centre back of your head and wind both sides round to the front, placing it just above your ears and below your hairline. Bring the tape measure together in the middle of your forehead. Keep in mind that this measurement does not account for personal preference.
Helmet Size Head Circumference
Small 20.4 - 22.8" 52 - 58 cm
Medium 22 - 24" 56 - 61 cm
Large 22.8 - 25" 58 - 63.5 cm