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Bauer Vapor HyperLite Ice Hockey Skates - Intermediate

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Bauer Vapor HyperLite Ice Hockey Skates - Intermediate

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2021 | 44907-31
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The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite hockey skate is designed for the elite players who skate 4-5+ times per week and need a lightweight, high-performing skate to play their best every time they step on the ice. 

  • You can choose the best steel to fit your game
  • Improved overall flex profile to maximize quickness and agility
  • Aerolite foam tongue to remove excess weight from the skate
  • Hyperflex outsole that features rigid composite material to maximize energy transfer
  • Asymmetrical toe cap for a better overall fit
  • AeroFoam Pro interior padding for optimal comfort and support

All new for the 2021 Bauer Vapor Hyperlite skate is the ability to choose which runner you would like to purchase with your skate. You will have a choice between the Carbonlite, Pulse TI or the Pulse.

Note: Runners will arrive in separate packaging and require simple installation

Carbonlite Runners

The Carbonlite runners are made from ultra lightweight carbon fiber and are 35% lighter than traditional steel. They also feature increased torsional flex for more acceleration and power in every stride.

CarbonLite Runners

Pulse TI Runners

The Pulse TI runners have a titanium outer coating, increased height and a ultra premium core for better performance and edge retention.

Pulse TI Runners

Pulse Runners

The Pulse runners have a high polished mirror finish, increased height and premium core materials for enhanced on ice glide, and great performance and durability.

Pulse Runners


When purchasing a new pair of hockey skates, it is important to focus on fit. If you’re unsure which skate line or model fits your foot best, or if you want an accurate measurement and assessment, visit your local Pure Hockey. 

Over the last couple of years Bauer has been focused on separating the performance attributes of the Vapor and Supreme skates from an on-ice performance and feel perspective. The new technologies, new materials and different flex points are what will differentiate these skates. 

Vapor focuses on quickness with the lower part of the skate being softer for increased response and the upper part of the skate being stiffer allowing for increased lateral support. The kick point of the Vapor skate is in the lower portion to maximize agility and speed. 

An all new feature found in the Vapor Hyperlite skate is the Hyperflex Technology. This is a combination of Facing and Outsole technology that improves the overall flex profile. The Hyperflex Facing technology has integrated flex zones built into the top four eyelets helping to increase the wrap of the skate for more stability. This allows players to quickly and efficiently get on the balls of their feet to maximize the acceleration and transition zones of the blade. 

The Hyperflex Outsole is a uniquely constructed outsole that features a rigid composite material on the front and a poured flexible material in the back. The composite material being rigid allows for players to maximize the energy transfer during the acceleration phase of the skating stride. 

Another upgrade to the Hyperlite skate is Aerolite, a unique foam material that reduces the weight of the skate while still maintaining comfort. This foam is found in the tongue, which is one of the most noticeable upgrades to this skate. Aerolite helped to remove excess weight while still maintaining excellent support, protection and flexibility. 

Passed down from the Vapor 2X Pro line is the asymmetrical toe cap. This toe cap design reduces the volume of the skate for an enhanced low-profile fit, while also allowing you to improve your push-off with each stride. 

Internally, Bauer used AeroFoam Pro to provide optimal comfort for the foot and ankle, and a lighter skate that appeals to the quick and agile player. 

The all new Hyperlite skate offers a great combination of new technologies and trusted features, providing players with a pair of flexible, lightweight skates that aid in improved agility and flexibility with each stride.


Carbon Curv Composite
3D Carbon Curv Composite
Lightweight boot designed to allow max energy transfer to maximize speed and agility.
Pro Stock Tongue
Aerolite Foam Tongue
A unique foam material that reduces weight while still providing excellent support, comfort and protection.
Lightspeed Edge Holder
Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder
Lightspeed Edge Holder with an option to choose Carbonlite, Pulse Ti or Pulse runners to get a fully custom feel.
Hyperflex Technology
Hyperflex Technology
Integrated flex zone built into the top 4 eyelets and a uniquely constructed rigid composite material in the outsole allowing for better wrap, stability and flexibility to maximize energy transfer during acceleration.
Hydrolite Liner
Aerofoam Pro Liner
High performance moisture wicking material that provides optimal comfort for the foot and ankle, and a lighter skate that appeals to the quick and agile player.
Lockfit Footbed
Lockfit Pro Footbed
Engineered for performance by keeping your foot locked in place and providing optimal comfort.


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Weight:849g (Senior)Weight of the skate measured in Grams (Sr 8.0D, Jr 4.0D, Yth 12.0D).
Heat Moldable:YesImproves break-in time.
Holder:Lightspeed EdgeType of skate blade holder.
Runner:Carbonlite, Pulse TI or PulseType of skate blade.
Tongue Material:Aerolite Foam TongueType of material and design of the tongue.
Boot Construction:3D Carbon Curv CompositeType of material the product is primarily made of.
Liner:Aerofoam Pro LinerType of inner liner material.
Outsole Construction:Hyperflex TechnologyType of material the outsole is made of.
Footbed:Lockfit Pro FootbedType/Brand of footbed in each boot.
Warranty:90 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.
Family:VaporThe product line within the brand.