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Bauer X Ice Hockey Pants - Senior

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Bauer X Ice Hockey Pants - Senior

The 2021 Bauer X hockey pants were designed for the recreational or new-to-hockey player that is looking for something that doesn't have all the high end technologies but will have the comfort and protection needed for playing occasionally or out on pond. 

  • Integrated spine with molded PE protection
  • One-piece kidney pad with molded PE and MD foam
  • Skate lace closure
  • Molded PE and MD foam thigh guard
  • Classic Fit

The Bauer X hockey pants offer a classic fit which you will also find in the 3S pants. With this traditional design, players looking for more volume in their hockey pants can still enjoy the benefits of the Supreme style and technologies.

These pants include an integrated spine with molded PE protection; a one-piece hip guard; PE and MD foam in the thigh and kidney for protection and mobility; and wrap around belt with a skate lace closure.

The Bauer X pant is a great option for recreational or beginner players that don't need top end technologies but still get the protection and comfort needed at a much lower price point. 

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Bauer Hockey Pants Sizing Chart

Generic Hockey Pant Measurement Guide
You may use a traditional dress pant or jean measurement if available. However, if unavailable, you can measure around the waist, just above the hips to get the proper measurement. This measurement in inches should serve as a good reference point for your hockey pants. Keep in mind that this measurement does not account for personal preference.
Size Age Weight Waist
Medium 14+ 130lbs - 170lbs 32" - 36"
Large 15+ 150lbs - 190lbs 34" - 38"
XL 15+ 170lbs - 209lbs 36" - 40"
XXL 15+ 190lbs - 229lbs 38" - 42"
Size Age Weight Waist
Medium 12-13 88lbs - 99lbs 28" - 31"
Large 13+ 99lbs - 150lbs 30" - 34"
Size Age Weight Waist
Small 8 - 10 53lbs - 68lbs 22" - 25"
Medium 10 - 11 66lbs - 79lbs 24" - 26"
Large 11 - 13 79lbs - 99lbs 26" - 29"
Size Age Weight Waist
Small 3-5 31lbs - 42lbs 19" - 21"
Medium 5-7 40lbs - 53lbs 20" - 22"
Large 7-9 51lbs - 64lbs 21" - 24"