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Bolt Sports Snipes Interactive Shooting Targets

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Bolt Sports Snipes Interactive Shooting Targets

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2021 | 46365-2
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SNIPES is an interactive target system that attaches to your hockey net and your secret weapon to a major competitive edge. Invented by three hockey players, the Snipes shooting target has reinvented hockey targets and revolutionized the way hockey players practice their shot.

  • SNIPES has gamified the classic shooter tutor. Use the mobile app to access game modes and all features SNIPES has to offer. The BOLT SPORTS app (iOS and Android) tracks your accuracy, reaction time, and more!
  • SNIPES is not a normal shooter tutor.  It's a video game that's played with real pucks, net, and stick.  Single and 2-player modes make training productive and fun on your own or with friends!  When a target lights up shoot for it. 
  • SNIPES revolutionizes the way hockey players train their shot, ensuring each training session is fun, productive, and highly addicting!
  • SNIPES comes with 4 internal game modes (if you don't want to use the app).  Or connect with our app for even more games.  Use the app to create a player profile, save your scores, and see your progress.
  • SNIPES can be used in a driveway, during practice, shinny, or however you envision!

How it Works:

  • Each target lights up individually and at random, signaling the player to hit the target that is lit up. 
  • As you hit each target, SNIPES will track your progression on accuracy, reaction time, and more, directly to your phone. 

What's in the Box: 

  • 4 Targets
  • Face: EVA foam
  • Panel: Polycarbonate
  • Electronics: Polycarbonate care, RGB lights, sensor, chip, battery (1500 mah, 18650 lithium ion), type c charging
  • Hockey lace and spring carabiners to connect to the net
  • Custom Bolt Charger: 1:4 Type C 

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