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Captodor Equipment Spray - 8.12oz

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Captodor Equipment Spray - 8.12oz

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2020 | 45340-2
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CAPTODOR® SPORT GEAR is a TRIPLE ACTION biotechnological product developed specifically to destroy odors impregnated in sports gear. It fights odors at the source and its pleasant perfume provides an instant freshness.

TREATMENT: Use immediately after intense sport activity.

  1. Shake
  2. Spray
  3. Dry

The Captodor equipment spray is a unique solution that targets foul odors at the source to neutralize, destroy, and deodorize. This spray is perfect for your protective equipment that isn’t washed daily. This spray, when applied generously to dirty clothing or equipment, will prevent the appearance of foul odors. Use this spray daily to keep your equipment smelling fresh. This equipment spray is easy to use, just spray! The spray itself is safe for fabrics and materials used in clothing and equipment. There are no ingredients in the formula that can contribute to the irritation of your skin.

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