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CCM Fitlite 3DS Hockey Helmet

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CCM Fitlite 3DS Hockey Helmet

Hockey players who appreciate the protection and performance of elite-level equipment should spend some time thinking about the CCM FitLite 3DS hockey helmet. With a multitude of performance and comfort features, the FitLite 3DS is designed to give players maximum protection and the personalized fit necessary to optimize the protection features the helmet offers.

  • High-density PE and ABS shell materials for long-lasting durability
  • Extensive helmet venting for excellent on-ice cool comfort
  • Tool-less adjustment system for a personalized front-to-back fit
  • Micro-Dial III adjustment system for a fine-tuned fit and snug occipital lock
  • Rate-sensitive D3O Smart Foam for superior temple protection
  • Medium-density EPP base layer for improved low-impact energy absorption

The FitLite 3DS has a two-piece shell. The outer shell is made with high-density PE, while the sub-shell is made with high-density ABS material. Combined, the two materials give the shell impressive durability.

The 3DS features a tool-less adjustment system with locks over each ear. These allow the helmet to expand or contract for a personalized fit from front to back. The 3DS can be further fine-tuned for a 360° fit using the Micro-Dial III adjustment system. This results in a secure and comfortable wrap and provides an excellent occipital lock. The 3DS is also extensively  ventilated with front and rear vents for excellent cool comfort.

CCM uses its rate-sensitive D30 Smart Foam in the liner, at both temples: it’s soft to the touch, but becomes increasingly stiff with increased impact energy. The liner also includes memory foams for comfort down the center of the 3DS helmet. These foams move and adjust with the Micro-Dial III adjustment, so players will benefit from consistent comfort and protection, no matter how the fit is adjusted.

The base liner layer in the FitLite 3DS helmet is a medium-density EPP foam. In the past, base layers were typically made of high-density foams. Recent research, however, has shown that lower density EPP better manages a greater range of impacts. Consequently, lower weight EPP foams reduce impact energy to the head better than harder foams. The PE and ABS shell construction, combined with the several interior foams, result in an overall excellent protection system—just what you’d expect from a top CCM hockey helmet.

The CCM 3DS ice hockey helmet is another example of how the company is taking seriously the recent focus on sports-related head trauma. With the FitLite 3DS, CCM puts its best skate forward, proving that safety and comfort can be easily combined for elite-level performance.


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Padding:D30 SmartfoamType of internal padding.
Liner:Low Density EPP with Memory FoamType of inner liner material.
Adjustable Length:YESAbility for length-wise size adjustments.
Tool Free Adjustability:YesAbility for tool-free size adjustments.
Helmet Certifications:CSA, HECC & CECertifications held by the product.
Cage Type/Color:N/AType and color of cage.
Warranty:1 YearPeriod of time the product is covered under manufacturer's warranty.

CCM Fitlite 3DS Helmet Sizing Chart

CCM Fitlite 3DS Helmet Sizing
Size Hat Size Head Circumference
Small 61/4 - 7 50 - 56 cm
Medium 63/4 - 73/8 54 - 59 cm
Large 71/4 - 77/8 58 - 64 cm