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CCM Resistance Hockey Helmet Combo

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CCM Resistance Hockey Helmet Combo

Leagues across the world have tried to adopt the best technology possible to keep their players safe. This impact technology has led to multiple advancements in the helmet industry, but it has been a relatively slow moving process. Today, that process has taken a giant leap forward.

CCM ushers in a new renaissance with the Resistance Helmet, which features multiple systems to help keep you safe at all times.

The Resistance's R.E.D. System is a series of liquid-filled bladders that reduce rotational acceleration of your head during any impact, whether it be along the boards or in the open ice. The Impact Pods along the liner combine EPP and plastic shock absorbers to reduce linear forces caused by hits. This type of technology probably weighs your head down, right? Not so much, as it weighs in at a measly .60 pounds.

Complete with an easy, tool-less adjustment in the back, the shell is designed with a pro-preferred look with geometry that helps absorb impacts. So you'll look good when you bounce back from a monster hit.

Equipped with the FMRES silver cage, this helmet makes you instantly ready to hit the ice. Not only is the head protected with R.E.D. System but now the face is too!

Resist injury and keep your game moving forward with the Resistance Helmet.

*Approximately 10% of players that wear SZ. Small experience discomfort when wearing the HT Resistance Helmet Combo. This generally occurs with the players on the larger end of the spectrum that don't quite fit into a medium just yet, as a result, the pressure from the face mask causes discomfort with the helmet. The solution is that all HTRES Combo helmets are CERTIFIED with and without the J-CLIPS. Removing the J-CLIPS in this instance will reduce the pressure from the face mask and eliminate the pressure points. 

This is what the experts at CCM have to say

--Charles Benoit, Product Manager

The Resistance helmet is an industry-changing helmet with scientifically proven technology. In order to develop the technology behind the Resistance, we partnered with the University of Ottawa’s Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory to find new ways to improve safety.

Before we get into the details of the helmet, we must understand that every time a player gets a hit on the head, two types of acceleration occur: a linear and a rotational acceleration. And all helmets do a good job to manage linear acceleration. However, we worked on a system that helps manage rotational accelerations, as well. So for the first time, we came up with an engineered liner for our helmets that addresses rotational acceleration. It’s a series of pods that are placed throughout the helmet. These pods are all different sizes to optimize the performance of the bladders underneath, each one at different locations. The pod is designed to manage linear acceleration. Therefore, you have an engineered structure with a different type of foam in the middle of it. The engineered structure (the plastic pod) absorbs energy.

Below the pods is a series of bladders. The engineering behind these bladders was designed to encase a liquid-filled substance and, when the helmet is spinning, they slow down the rotation. These bladders are designed to resist the rotational acceleration after an impact to the head.

The R.E.D. (Rotational Energy Dampening) system is really what is innovative about this helmet. Also, unique about the helmet is the adjustment system. Most helmets adjust front and back. We’ve moved the adjustment system from the side to the back of the helmet -- one reason is for design, but is mostly for safety purposes. Studies from the NHL showed that almost 70 percent of injuries to the head came from the side. So, by moving the mechanism in the back, we were able to bring more support to the side of the helmet to maximize protection. Finally, the shell has the classic CCM DNA look, approved by our NHL endorsees to make sure it passed the mirror test.

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CCM Resistance Hockey Helmet Sizing Chart

Generic Hockey Helmet Measurement Guide
Place the tape measure in the centre back of your head and wind both sides round to the front, placing it just above your ears and below your hairline. Bring the tape measure together in the middle of your forehead. Keep in mind that this measurement does not account for personal preference.
Helmet Size Head Circumference Hat Size
Small 20 - 21 2132" 51 - 55 cm 38 - 6 78
Medium 22 14 - 22 2732" 54 - 58 cm 34 - 7 14
Large 22 - 23 58" 56 - 60 cm 7- 7 12