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Marsblade O1 Chassis

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2018 | 36482-2
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The Marsblade Roller Frame is the first product that truly offers an ice-like feel without actually skating on ice and will increase the quality of your training or enhance your roller hockey experience and performance. The unique Flow Motion Technology creates a rocking motion that simulates the rounded shape of the ice hockey blade, allowing players to use the same agile movement pattern as in ice skating.

The frame challenges your balance and activates your stabilizing muscles to improve your skating technique, prevent injuries and become overall better ice hockey players. The frame also enhances your roller hockey performance and experience as it allows for a longer stride, better grip and better maneuverability. The Marsblade frame kit can be used for training purposes or for inline games. The chassis is durable enough to be used during game play, with its high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic construction.

We do recommend that you purchase separate sets of wheels for indoor and outdoor use, if you plan to train outdoors. This kit inlcludes 2 chassis, 8 axles, and optional spacers for mounting.


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