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Step Steel ST ProZ Runners

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Step Steel ST ProZ Runners

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2014 | 15624-2
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Handcrafted in Canada, the Hyperglide ST Steel from Step Steel is clearing the bar for quality tests among the most strict athletes and trainers. More height was added to the Hyperglide resulting in tighter turns and an increase in blade life. Additional height also enhances torque which boosts the distance of each stride. Consequently, this saves energy while maximize your speed.

The Hyperglide St Steel will make a positive impact on each stride you take making you one step closer to driving home the game-winning goal! Sold in pair.



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Holder Type:CCM SpeedBlade 4.0The type of holder for your steel runner.

CCM SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder & Runner Sizing

You can find your holder/runner size printed on the underside of your holder near the heel of the boot. See image below:

CCM SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder & Runner Size

Please note: CCM SpeedBlade 4.0 Runners will ONLY work with SpeedBlade 4.0 Holders.

CCM SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder/Runner Sizing Chart
CCM Skate Size (D or EE) Runner Size (mm)
Model Year 2016 Or Newer Model Year 2015 Or Earlier
1.0 215mm 215mm
1.5 215mm 221mm
2.0 221mm 221mm
2.5 221mm 230mm
3.0 230mm 230mm
3.5 230mm 238mm
4.0 238mm 238mm
4.5 238mm 247mm
5.0 247mm 247mm
5.5 247mm 255mm
6.0 255mm 255mm
6.5 255mm 263mm
7.0 263mm 263mm
7.5 263mm 271mm
8.0 271mm 271mm
8.5 271mm 280mm
9.0 280mm 280mm
9.5 280mm 287mm
10.0 287mm 287mm
10.5 287mm 295mm
11.0 295mm 295mm
11.5 295mm 304mm
12.0 304mm 304mm

CCM Skates Model Year 2016 - 2018

Tacks Line

2018: Super Tacks AS1, 9090, 9080, 9070, 9060, 9050

2016: Super Tacks, Ultra Tacks, 6092, 5092, 4092


Jetspeed Line

2017: Jetspeed FT1, FT390, FT385, FT380, FT370, FT365, FT360


Ribcor Line

2017: Ribcor 70K, 68K, 66K, 64K

CCM Skates Model Year 2013-2015

Tacks Line

2014: Tacks, 6052, 5052, 4052, 3052


Jetspeed Line

2015: Jetspeed, 300, 290, 280, 270, 271


Ribcor Line

2015: Ribcor 50K, 48K, 46K, BKS, 44K


RBZ Line

2013: RBZ, 100, 90, 80, 70