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Warrior Covert PX+ Hockey Helmet

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Warrior Covert PX+ Hockey Helmet

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2016 | 24679-2
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The Warrior Covert PX+ Helmet is designed for best in class protection, lightweight comfort, and an unmatched fit. Based on the Krown PX3, the PX+ is a fantastic upgrade, with a redesigned shell as well as improved internal foams. The newly designed shell offers a truly “pro” look.

A two-piece shell construction makes tool-free adjustability a breeze, ensuring you have the right fit for your game at all times. Strategically placed vents maximize airflow through the helmet, and help keep your head cool while you play. Underneath the shell, an EPP foam liner is a light, yet highly protective, hard foam layer.

Other than the outer plastic, the EPP liner provides the first layer of defense and can withstand multiple impacts from a variety of types of force. Vinyl nitrate (VN) foam padding is the softer foam between the EPP liner and your head. It provides a comfort feel, and is a more forgiving layer of protection, returning to its original shape after compression.

Warrior officially has its hat in the ring for pro-style helmets with the PX+. The sleek new look and elite protection make it a great choice for any level of play.

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Weight:520 GramsWeight of the product measured in grams (Medium).
Padding:VN FoamType of internal padding.
Liner:EPP FoamType of inner liner material.
Adjustable Length:YesAbility for length-wise size adjustments.
Tool Free Adjustability:YesAbility for tool-free size adjustments.
Helmet Certifications:CSA, HECC, CECertifications held by the product.
Cage Type/Color:Known 2.0 two-tone cageType and color of cage.
Warranty:90 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under manufacturer's warranty.

Warrior Krown PX+ Hockey Helmet Sizing Chart

Generic Hockey Helmet Measurement Guide
Place the tape measure in the centre back of your head and wind both sides round to the front, placing it just above your ears and below your hairline. Bring the tape measure together in the middle of your forehead. Keep in mind that this measurement does not account for personal preference.
Small 34 - 7 54 - 56 cm
Medium 7 - 7 38 56 - 59 cm
Large 38 - 7 34 59 - 62 cm