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Learn To Play Hockey Getting Started
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Maybe this sounds familiar. You have decided to get your child into hockey, but don’t know where to start. You have heard some random bits here and there and maybe even know some of the lingo.

But when it comes down to it, you really don’t know what steps to take next. This is usually where a little anxiety starts creeping in.

We’re here to tell you RELAX! All you really need is the right equipment and a place to play. Lucky for you, we have you covered.

EQUIPMENT: It may seem daunting at first – all the new equipment and verbiage you may know little about. Don’t let that stop you though. It’s easier than it appears. You’re looking to protect your youngster from head to toe and everywhere in between.

Our Learn To Play Buying Guide was designed with you in mind. Inside you’ll find our best beginner’s equipment, handpicked for safety and quality and all gathered in one place to make shopping easier. You’ll also find sizing guides, videos and other resources aimed at educating parents new to the sport.

We are confident that once you get started, you’ll become so familiar with the equipment that before you know it, you’ll be telling your friends and neighbors how they too can get their kids involved.

A PLACE TO (LEARN TO) PLAY: You need to register your child with the right organization as well. Most organization’s members are determined parochially based on zip code.

Parents, you should be looking for and asking if the rink in question offers Learn To Play or Learn To Skate programs. We suggest contacting your local ice skating rink either online, over the phone, or in person and inquiring about their developmental programs. If none are offered, you might have to try the next closest rink as not every rink offers these programs. A good starting point is simply getting online and searching your city and state name, followed by “ice hockey sign up” or similar.

Learn and have fun doing it.
At the development level:
Learn To Play Hockey at the development level

Learn To Play or Learn To Skate programs are recognized by USA Hockey as systems for youth player development and are typically offered as precursors to team play.

The programs are designed to help players (usually 8 years and younger) learn the fundamentals of hockey prior to being exposed to competitive games.

Players are introduced to the fun aspects of hockey in general - the idea is to teach the love of the sport above all else.

Check with your local association about their developmental sessions.

From finding an organization to buying equipment it's all right here
Q - I want to get my child involved in hockey, but I do not know where to start. What should I do next?
A - One of the first steps you can take is determining where your child will play. Most development programs are divided by zip code. Check online. Try searching your city's name followed by "youth hockey", or visit USA Hockey for more information.
Q -What is Learn To Play? And where can I sign up?
A - Your child needs to learn the fundamentals first and foremost. This is accomplished through Learn To Play, Learn To Skate or similar youth development programs. Once you determine what rink you belong to, you’ll need to sign your child up for the next session.
Q - Is hockey equipment expensive? My child is growing so fast, I don’t want to be buying equipment every LTP session.
A - Many times LTP equipment can be rented from your local organization. Other time the rinks themselves supply the gear. Remember too that early on, players do not need the most expensive gear; it’s more important the equipment fit properly. Learn more.
Q - How do I sign up my child for a team?
A - Youth hockey is divided parochially, usually by zip code. Go online and do a little research. If you know the name of the rink closest to you check their website for more information.
USA Hockey is also a great resource for new player
Q - What other resources do you recommend?
A - One of our best tips is that you talk to other parents of players. “Veteran” parents are a great resource of knowledge and are usually more than happy to give advice - just be sure not to approach them when they’re hungry. You can always drop us a line for some extra help too, at 866.787.3462.
Make sure your player's bag is filled with the right gear
trying on hockey equipment

High quality LTP Hockey Equipment is available online at any time through our shopping guide. The majority of programs will require the basics of head, mouth, body, legs and hand protection. It’s a wise move to also invest in a practice jersey or two and bag to hold it all.

You can also inquire with your organization as to if they offer loaner equipment. Many times items like, skates or protective gear can be rented for the entire session with minimal deposit.

The checklist below covers everything you’ll need and then some. If you feel more comfortable though, please consult with your local organization’s requirements for a more exact list.

  • Helmet with cage
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Player pants
  • Shin guards
  • Equipment bag
  • Shin guard socks
  • Cup/Supporter
  • Mouth guard
  • Practice jersey (light & dark)
  • Tape
  • Ice skates
  • Stick
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