Ground Shipping Cutoff + Extra 25% Off Clearance: HLDY25
Ground Shipping Cutoff + Extra 25% Off Clearance: HLDY25
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players bench becomes Pure hockey
Players Bench is happy to be joining forces with Pure Hockey. There’s no need to worry, you’ll still be greeted with the same great customer service, the best gear in hockey, and a seamless shopping experience, whether in-store or online.

Other things remaining the same: store locations, store hours, and customer service.

Need help? 866.787.3462
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breakaway rewards
at a glance
Welcome to Breakaway Rewards! It’s our way of saying “thanks” to our loyal customers who appreciate the latest equipment & superior service. Sign up today to receive member-only deals, free return shipping, and much more!

Earning Breakaway Rewards is easy!
Spend $1, get 1 point. Every 300 points earns a $10 reward.

Breakaway Rewards are flexible!
Need a stick now? Use your rewards immediately. Want to shop around for a bit? Take your time - You have 365 days to use your rewards.

Use Anywhere!
In store? Yes. Online? That too! Your Gift Reward also works on the Pure Hockey app! You earned it, so use it anywhere, anytime.
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Pure Hockey App
THE NEW WAY: is only available at Pure Hockey. Track your rewards, save your sharpenening preferences, review your order history, and find our stores all from our app.
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$10 off your next stick purchase
Whether you bought your stick at Players Bench, Pure Hockey, or somewhere else, when it breaks, give it to us and we will give you $10 towards a new twig. We think Hockey Green is a win win. A win for the environment, because we recycle or repurpose the sticks, which keeps them out of landfills. A win for you by giving you a head start on a new stick. Together we can all do our part with Hockey Green.
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Have questions about your shopping experience? Or maybe you just want to talk shop? Our dedicated customer service team would love to hear from you. Call, email or chat anytime. 866.787.3462
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