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Hockey Helmet Sizing Guide

All players must wear a HECC and CSA certified helmet. A helmet should fit snugly to maximize protection, but the helmet should still fit comfortably. Helmets are adjustable for a precise fit with certain helmets offering multiple adjustment points. Face masks usually provide the best fit when they're the same size as the helmet, but in some cases players need a smaller or larger cage, depending on their face shape. Correct helmet sizing is imperative to maximize protection. Face masks must be worn with clips on the side of the helmet to allow the mask to protect the jaw. Without the clips, the mask has no stopping point when you get hit in the face, so the jaw is susceptible to injury.

Measurements for Hockey Helmets – To properly fit a helmet, one must measure in inches the circumference of his or her head approximately 1" above the eye brows. This length will aid in the proper sizing of the Helmet.

Hockey Helmet Sizing

Hockey Helmet Sizing by Brand