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CCM JetSpeed 460 Grip Composite Hockey Stick - Senior

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CCM JetSpeed 460 Grip Composite Hockey Stick - Senior

The CCM Jetspeed 460 hockey stick is built for the player who skates 2-3 times per week and is looking for good performance and solid features at a great value. 

  • Hybrid flex profile for enhanced speed and response
  • JS3 blade for enhanced puck feel
  • Jetspeed shaft for ultimate performance
  • C6 blade material for increased strength

New hockey sticks come with a variety of features that can impact your on-ice performance. When purchasing a new stick, the feature you should focus on first is kick point. Finding the right kick point for you will help take your shot to the next level. If you’re unsure which kick point is best for you, visit your local Pure Hockey for an accurate assessment.

The Jetspeed 460 stick, like the rest of the 2019 Jetspeed line, has a mid-kick point, ideal for players who take a variety of shots, both quick-motion and full-motion, and value versatility. In the 460, this mid-kick design is revamped to offer a hybrid flex profile. CCM’s design creates a hinge effect which optimizes the loading zone to create an excellent mix of quickness and response. 

CCM uses some high-quality features in the Jetspeed 460 to complement their hybrid flex point, like the Jetspeed 3 blade. While this construction does not have the same top-of-the-line benefits as the JF-80 blade (used in the FT2), the JS3 offers a lightweight feel with a dampened core, offering a better feel for more precision and puck control. 

A top-end feature included in the 460 stick is the Jetspeed shaft. This construction, featured throughout the 2019 Jetspeed line, uses a new R-geometry that offers rounded corners, concave sides, and a streamlined shape from top to bottom to offer you a very comfortable feel for an all-around high-performing stick.

The Jetspeed 460 also includes CCM’s C6 material in the blade. This carbon fiber weave provides good overall stiffness and the strength you’re looking for from your stick blade as you continue to take more shots.

Any player who wants to experience the performance benefits of a top-end stick is encouraged to upgrade to a higher-level model like the Jetspeed FT2 or Jetspeed Pro, but for those recreational players who are looking for a quality option at a lower price point, the CCM Jetspeed 460 stick proves to be a great value.

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Weight:472Weight of the product measured in grams.
Length:60"Length of the product measured in inches.
Measured Product:60" P29 85 FlexThe specifications of the product used to measure weight and length.
Construction Material:C6Type of material the product is made of.
Kick Point:MidInflection point where maximum stored energy is released.
Shaft Design:Jetspeed ShaftShape of the shaft edge.
Blade Construction:JS3 BladeType of material the blade is made of.
Warranty:30 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.
Family:JetSpeedThe product line within the brand.

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