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CCM Tacks AS-VI Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick - Intermediate

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CCM Tacks AS-VI Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick - Intermediate

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2023 | 60568-31
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The Tacks AS-VI Pro hockey stick includes cutting-edge technology and an improved design for the player’s looking for a top-of-the-line mid-kick stick.

New Upgrades: Nanolite Shield, ACUFEEL 3 Soft Blade with Helicoid Technology

Kick Point: Mid

Taper Technology: Skeleton+

Shaft Construction: Nanolite Shield

Blade Construction: ACUFEEL 3 with Helicoid Technology

Shaft Shape: Traditional "T" Shape and Variable "V" SHape

Weight: 380g

Purchasing the right hockey stick can help bring your game to the next level. When choosing your new stick, it is important to place an initial focus on kick point. Finding the kick point that matches your style of play will help enhance your shooting and have a positive impact on your on-ice performance. If you’re unsure which kick point is best for you, or you’re looking for an accurate assessment, visit your local Pure Hockey store.

The Tacks line features CCM’s mid-kick sticks, ideal for players who take a variety of shots from everywhere in the offensive zone and value versatility. Passed down from the Tacks AS-V Pro is the Max Loading technology, which optimizes the position of the softer flex zone and allows for a longer loading period to store more energy. The stiff taper zone maximizes stability and response for maximum shot power and accuracy. 

CCM upgraded the shaft from the 2022 Tacks AS-V Pro by including Nanolite Shield Carbon Layering technology. This reengineered shaft design is optimized by using thicker carbon fiber layers, which protects an ultra-light core, allowing for impressive weight reduction without sacrificing durability. Sigma STP is also found in the shaft, which is a high-performance spread tow fabric featuring a new weaving process that provides strength and resilience.

The Tacks AS-VI Pro stick has a unique shaft shape with a T-Shape shape (rounded corners and straight side walls) up top and a V-Shape in the lower portion of the stick. This helps to easily load the stick to generate extra power when shooting, and provides consistency and predictability on all shots.

At the bottom of the shaft, CCM is using Skeleton+ Technology found in the taper area which provides better reliability so you can always rely on your stick in key parts of the game. This technology creates a balanced stick with greater stability and control when leaning into a shot and will help you generate more power and accuracy.

Moving to the bottom of the stick, the Tacks AS-VI Pro includes the all-new ACUFEL 3 soft blade with helicoid technology and Sigma STP Spread Tow material. This is the first-ever stick to leverage the patented Helicoid layup technology for superior blade durability and longer lasting pop. Helicoid technology is a layup structure that angles the carbon layer fibers in smaller increments to increase impact strength. This new design helps to dissipate energy coming from in-game impacts, allowing the blade to keep its integrity over a longer period of time.

With a variety of high-end features and a lighter more durable design, the Tacks AS-VI Pro hockey stick is built for players who want to maximize power and accuracy with every shot they take.


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Weight:380g (Senior)Weight of the product measured in grams.
Length:65 Flex 57", 55 Flex 55"Length of the product measured in inches.
Blade Feel:more control
Construction Material:Nanolite ShieldType of material the product is made of.
Kick Point:MidInflection point where maximum stored energy is released.
Shot Type:more power
Shaft Design:Variable "V" ShapeShape of the shaft edge.
Blade Construction:ACUFEEL 3 with HelicoidType of material the blade is made of.
Taper:Skeleton+Shaft width gets thinner towards the blade
Warranty:30 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.
Family:TacksThe product line within the brand.

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