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CCM Tacks XF80 Hockey Shin Guards - Junior


CCM Tacks XF80 Hockey Shin Guards - Junior

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2024 | 63181-21
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Take your game to new heights with the Tacks XF80 Shin Guards. When it comes to staying protected on the ice, you need gear that can keep up with today’s high-flying game, which is why CCM integrated top technology and features in this year’s Tacks line.

Fit: Anatomical

Protection: Mid-Density Foam, PE Foam, Plastic

Liner: Fully Removable/Adjustable

Adjustability: Length Adjustable Calf Strap

Strapping System: Two-Strap System

CCM places a focus on all the key areas to make sure your legs are protected from shots and stick checks. In the calf, the XF80 includes injection molded, exposed foam. This offers good protection in an area that is often neglected but nonetheless important to protect.

In the knee and shin caps, CCM includes JDP construction. In the knee, the protective comfort donut is designed to disperse the force of impact away from the area and keep you comfortable. In the shin, the anatomical PE cap includes a tape groove to lock in hockey tape, offering you the feel you’re looking for and a unique feature to help keep your pads secure throughout the game.

The XF80 shin guard includes a two-strap attachment system, which includes an upper lock strap which secures the pad to the knee area, and a length adjustable calf strap, allowing some personalization in terms of fit depending on your calf size and how snug you want your pads to feel. CCM also includes a removable/ adjustable liner to allow for a custom fit and the ability to remove it for cleaning.

Shin guards are vital to keeping you on the ice and injury free, especially in a fast-paced game where blocking shots and stick checks are common. Even if you play infrequently, you’ll want a model that includes plenty of protective and comfort features for the right price. The CCM Tacks XF80 proves to be a great choice, with solid technological features at a great value.

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CCM Shin Guard Size Chart

Generic Hockey Shin Guard Measurement Guide
Measure from the middle of your ankle to the middle of your knee cap. This measurement in inches should serve as a good reference point for your hockey shin guard size. Keep in mind that this measurement does not account for personal preference.
Age Height Shin Length
14+ 5'4" - 5'8" 14" - 15"
14+ 5'8" - 6'0" 15" - 16"
15+ 6'0" - 6'4" 16" - 17"
15+ 6'4" + 17" - 18"
Age Height Shin Length
9 - 10 4'4" - 4'8" 11" - 12"
10 - 11 4'8" - 5'0" 12" - 13"
11 - 12 5'0" - 5'4" 13" - 14"
Age Height Shin Length
3-5 3'4" - 3'8" 8" - 9"
5-7 3'8" - 4'0" 9" - 10"
7-9 4'0" - 4'4" 10" - 11"